The night is cool and oddly in shadow, the moon but a sliver peeking out now and then from behind thin clouds. Rachel walks her usual route from the train station to her apartment building, mind half engaged in propelling her tired body toward home, half lost in random thoughts and daydreaming.

Tonight, though, there’s something different, some motion on the pavement up ahead catching her attention. Ever wary of running into strangers after dark, she makes note of where the street lamps are--just in case she needs to defend herself--and she slows, taking in the scene before her. There’s a man loading things into a small cart, and there are a stack of books and a pretty stained-glass lamp, among other things, on the sidewalk. It’s a really pretty lamp, all greens and purples, the glass inlays meant to look like flowers.
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Plotting Post

Is there something you want to start/continue/wrap up with me or one of mine? Let's talk about it here so it's all in one place. Even if you can swear you talked to me about it before, talk to me again. :)

Open for all games/PSL's/museboxing/what have you. Throw out ideas, ask me questions, tell me what to do or not to do. This post will help me better stay on top of things.


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The Character Expression Meme

Character: Rachel Conway
Journal: gotbottle
RPG: several

.hurt..guilty..bored..laughing. love.

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